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Who are we ?

Mundihub.com is an online fruits and vegetables market where you can order farm fresh fruits and vegetables from the comfort of your home / office. Our unique selling point in this venture is to provide the freshest products. The products we deliver to you are procured after we receive the order and storing the product is eliminated from the process. By this, you always get the freshest product delivered at your doorstep.

Our process lifecycle includes the following –

● Procure the best from the Farmers.
● Sorting of the products.
● Packaging of products.
● Send out for delivery.
We have a no questions asked policy. You can refer our returns policy for more information.

Want to be a part of our business ?

Do visit the Business Opportunities page for more information or just contact us.


To become number one direct selling company managing products like fruits and Vegetables.


Our mission has always been to help people fulfill their dreams.

Core Values

Passion, Reliability and Innovation are our core values that make MundiHub so unique. Our belief in these core values boosts confidence in succeeding in this competitive environment.

Passion – Love what you do and do what you love is the key ingredient to make one passionate towards the work.

Reliability – Embracing reliability is the easy part, Living it consistently is difficult. That’s what we work hard every day to live up to your expectations.

Innovation – Continuous innovation is something that is needed to succeed in this competitive world and there is no alternative to that. We are making this changes to the system every day to make it better and that’s not possible without you. Business concept in a nutshell.

Current Area of Operation: Nagpur

Founded On – 1 August 2018

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