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Cancellation / Return Policy

Cancellation / Return Policy :

1. If you are not satisfied with Quality or for any reason you are allowed to return any item you have ordered. You can return the item to the delivery boy at the time of delivery by deducting the item amount from the total COD amount payable for the generated bill.

2. There is no refund policy as of now as the only option of payment we have is the cash on delivery and the amount settlement will happen during delivery itself.

3. Once Delivery boy leaves your door we are not responsible for any type of Return/Refund/Replacement.

4. If you find any item of Sub Standard Quality after Delivery boy left your door call us on 8600105731 to register your Feedback. We will work on the feedbacks to improve our working and get back to you within 24 hours after your complaint is registered.

5. Fruits and vegetables are perishable goods. We try to deliver the best quality possible. If you are not satisfied with the quality, you may return at the time of delivery, No question will be asked.

6. All Rights are reserved with MandiHub management to change/ cancel/ modify the return policy.

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